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Who is organizing this event?

This event has been jointly planned by Miyoung Chun and Chris Martin (Kavli Foundation), Jim Deshler (National Science Foundation), Joshua Vogelstein, Michael Miller, and Richard Huganir (Johns Hopkins University), Brett Mensh (Optimize Science).

Where are opening & closing slides?

opening and closing.

Who are the sponsors?

National Science Foundation, Kavli Foundation, and the Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute & Center for Imaging Science of Johns Hopkins University.

On-Site Representatives of the Global Brain Sciences Communities

Katrin Amunts, Andreas Andreou, Dora Angelaki, Giorgio A. Ascoli, Cori Bargmann, Randal Burns, Corrado Cali, Frances Chance, George Church, Hollis Cline, Todd Coleman, Stephanie de La Rochefoucauld, Winfried Denk, Ana Belén Elgoyhen, Ralph Etienne Cummings, Alan C. Evans, Kenneth Harris, Michael Hausser, Sean Hill, Richard Huganir, Samuel Inverso, Chad Jackson, Viren Jain, Rob Kass, Bobby Kasthuri, Greg Kiar, Konrad Kording, Sandhya Koushika, John Krakauer, Story Landis, Jeff Layton, Qingming Luo, Adam Marblestone, David Markowitz, Justin McArthur, Brett Mensh, Michael Milham, Michael Miller, Partha Mitra, Pedja Neskovic, Miguel Nicolelis, Richard O'Brien, Aude Oliva, Gergo Orban, Hanchuan Peng, Alyssa Picchini-Schaffer, Marina Picciotto, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Mu-ming Poo, Alex Pouget, Sri Raghavachari, Jane Roskams, Terry Sejnowski, Fritz Sommer, Nelson Spruston, Larry Swanson, Arthur Toga, Joshua T. Vogelstein, R. Jacob Vogelstein, Anthony Zador.

On-Site Observers

Caroline Montojo, Chris Martin, Reza Ghanadan, Emily Underwood, Greg Farber, James Deshler, Jim Olds, Ling Wong, Martin Wiener, Miyoung Chun, Ned Talley, Sharif Taha, Sri Raghavachari, Walter Koroshetz, William Miller.


Thursday April 7th, 2016

Time Event Location
8:00-9:00 AM Breakfast Hodson 3rd Floor Lobby
9:00-9:40 Opening Remarks: Prof. Jim Olds (NSF) and JHU Organizers. Hodson Board Room
9:40-10:00 Coffee, tea, snacks, and free discussion Hodson 3rd Floor Lobby
10:00-12:00Lightning Rounds: everyone will have exactly 1 minute to express what they believe is the biggest challenge we can solve (including remote contributions). Hodson Board Room
12:00-1:00 Lunch: Moderators chat, groups converge. Hodson Lobby
1:00-1:30National Brain Observatory (NBO): a 30 minute information session led by Jim Deshler (NSF) on the NBO. Hodson Board Room
1:30-3:00International Brain Programs: a series of short talks by leaders of various national, private, and international brain programs explaining each initiative's goals, duration, and funding commitment. Hodson Board Room
3:00-3:30 Assemble into discussion groups: a 30 minute session to organize into break-out groups and potentially add/remove/modify topics. Hodson 3rd Floor Lobby
3:30-6:30 Discussion Groups: We recommend 80 minutes for idea elaboration and development, 20 minute break, and 80 minutes to sketch answers to core questions. Hodson & Clark Halls
6:30-7:00 Wine & Cheese Hodson 2nd Floor Patio
7:00-9:00 Catered Dinner & Group Presentations: First eat! Then, mediators and rapporteurs present the answers to the four questions for each group, so that the participants outside the group may ponder and provide useful feedback in the morning. Hodson 3rd Floor Lobby

Friday April 8th, 2016

Time Event Location
8:00-8:45 AM Breakfast Hodson 3rd Floor Lobby
9:00-10:15Round Robin Session 1: Everyone (other than discussion leaders) join a group different from the one you participated in on the previous day, to provide feedback for refining the answers to the four questions. Hodson Rooms
10:15-10:45JHU President Daniels address & thank you, followed by coffee, tea, snacks, and free discussion. Hodson Board Room
10:45-12:00Round Robin Session 2: same drill as above.Hodson Rooms
12:00-1:00Catered Lunch Hodson 3rd Floor Lobby
1:00-2:30Revised Group Presentations: Discussion leaders provide the community with the final answers to the questions after receiving feedback from the round robin sessions. Hodson Board Room
2:30-4:00Concluding Group Discussion: Final thoughts and discussions, including how to bridge across the questions to ultimately obtain a deeper understanding of, and ability to, act on our brains for social good. Hodson Board Room
4:00-6:00Social Cocktail Hour for all participants and JHU Kavli membersHodson 2nd Floor Patio
6:00-7:30Dinner (rapporteurs only)Gertrude's
7:30-10:00Finalizing Reporting (rapporteurs only)Clark Hall 314